006 – Rich Oliver – Sliding Sideways in the Dirt

Sliding Sideways in the Dirt at

Rich Oliver - Mystery School - Sliding Sideways in the Dirt
Rich Oliver at Laguna Seca in 2018

After street riding for so many years I was honestly excited and intimidated by the idea of taking a motorcycle and sliding sideways through turns in the dirt. That is exactly what Rich attempted to teach me during his two day Fun Camp, and boy was it a good time!!!

Besides being an excellent instructor with a wicked sense of humor, Rich has quite a bit of racing credibility. He is a retired American Motorcyclist Association professional road racer whose credentials include Five National Road Racing Championships and over 71 race victories.

You may ask what a winning road racer is doing teaching a school on flat track dirt racing. We will delve into the correlation between the two and how you too can benefit as a street rider from learning to ride off-road. As well, dirt riders of all kinds can learn new skills along with a boat-load of fun by coming out to play at his Mystery School!

As a consummate student I enjoy studying about the ancient Mystery Schools. I wondered why Rich named his school as he did. You can find the answers to this and more at his Frequently Asked  Questions page at: https://www.richoliver.net/pages/faq

In today’s episode Rich talks about:

  • His inspiration to get into motorcycles,
  • His transition from road racing to teaching dirt flat track riding, and
  • How riding on the dirt improves street riding skills which also helped him become a national champion.

If you would like to contact Rich, he can be reached at:

Rich Oliver’s Mystery School Website: https://www.richoliver.net
Phone: (559) 855-3089
eMail: webmaster@richoliver.net

Also mentioned in this podcast:

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Laguna Seca – http://www.weathertechraceway.com
Kenny Roberts – AMA Hall of Fame

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