005 – Carla King – The fun of breaking down around the world

Riding unreliable indigenous motorcycles in their country of origin.

Carla King has been an inspiration to many. I have always enjoyed seeing Carla and Jonathan share about her recent adventures in Baja California, but it goes well beyond that.

As a motorcyclist she has taken many exciting opportunities to travel throughout different parts of the world, and as an author she shares the adventures through her books and blogs.

Whether it’s about how to write and publish your own book, choose your first motorcycle, or tales of adventure from around the world Carla can captivate you.

She also shares something I never thought I’d hear, how having a broken motorcycle can make for the very best trips.

Wherever you are, enjoy a little bit of Carla King today!

In this episode we are at the Horizon’s Unlimited – California Event (yes, you’ll hear motorcycles riding through in the background).

If you would like to contact Carla, she can be reached at:
Website: http://carlaking.com/
MisadventuresMedia.com – Where Carla helps other adventure travel authors publish their books.
Baja ADV Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bajaadv

Also mentioned in this podcast:
Horizon’s Unlimited – Inspiring, informing, and connecting travelers since 1997.

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