Jean Marie’s First Blog Post ~ Preparing to Leave O’ahu

Aloha! As I get ready to leave O’ahu to travel, many people have asked how they will know about my adventures this coming year. I decided to start a blog so people will know what I’m up to.


Greg and I plan to take a year off to travel the mainland to see the “other 49”. We will be taking Nalu our 6 year old puppy and Buckingham our 17 year old cat along for the ride.


A road trip on the mainland US. We will have an  RV andmotorcycle which we will be able to trade off driving.


We plan to be gone by the end of March 2018. We will be on the mainland to celebrate our 19 year anniversary on April 1st and my dad’s 80th birthday on April 16th.


The plan is to have a memorable experience in as many states as possible we want to see National and State parks, as many caves as possible & visit family.


Why not?


I have only two more days of work, kind of a scary feeling. Many mahalo’s to my OluKai ’Ohana. OluKai has been a wonderful company to work for, Tiana, Tanya and Collette have became good friends. Our accounts have been an absolute pleasure to work with.


Friends and Family (‘Ohana)

Our blood family is all on the mainland so as we travel we will get to spend time with them. We are spending time with our friends here as much as possible before we go. I had a wonderful birthday this week. Today I got to do an amazing dive with Rob & Maura. I want to spend as much time in the water as I can before I go.

Stay Tuned

So that’s all folks. This is my first attempt at a blog post. More to come as we finish packing up the house and prepare to leave O’ahu.

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