Bicyclist. Where? Everywhere!

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Yu Yang starting his America journey in Ushuaia, Argentina
Yu Yang starting his America journey in Ushuaia, Argentina

Traveling North on the Dalton highway at a good clip. Enjoying my day and feeling top of the world thinking I am doing something so out of the ordinary, (extreme in some people’s book – which just adds to the momentary enjoyment), that most people will never have an experience as unique as this! It’s an exhilarating feeling…
… and then I pass a bicyclist.


We’re on the North Slope of Alaska riding across arctic tundra where no tree grows and there is over 200 miles between camp stops. How? Why? What motivated you? Peddling the whole way?Nothing so impresses me as to see people taking THIS kind of challenge. It’s one thing to ride a motorcycle that is built for almost any terrain and capable of carrying large loads to the middle of nowhere. To ride a bicycle with clothing, food, camp, etc. is a truly impressive feat in my book.

And bicyclists are everywhere!!!

This is the course he has taken northward in the Americas!
This is the course he has taken northward in the Americas!

I do not mean to highlight this particular rider, because there was not only one on that long lonely beautiful road. I see them everywhere! Yesterday I met a young man from Beijing, China, named Yu Yang, who has spent the past two and a half years traveling on bicycle from Ushuaia, Argentina to Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada where I met him. He is on his way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and hopes to get there before the weather gets too poor to cycle. He’s heading into the place that we’re heading away from because the weather was getting to cold to ride! 

BTW: He’s also spent years riding across India and Afghanistan, and from Ethiopia to South Africa. He wrote a book about his ride across Africa which is helping to fund this trip.

Still finding magic!

All-in-all I have met some truly amazing and incredible people while on the road; far beyond what I could have imagined before we left. I guess I’m still discovering much of the magic of traveling.

People riding bicycles from Ushuaia to Prudhoe Bay… I may have to add bicyclists to the interview lineup. After all, they really are Travelers On Two Wheels!

I really do look forward to future discoveries. What next?

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