2018 Will Be a Year of Travel

Next year is going to be a year of travel. 
Starting some point between the middle of February and the end of March/beginning of April we are getting on the road to see the other 49 states. Yes living in Hawaii is idyllic, but not the best for a person with motorcycle wanderlust. So, we decided to spend a year on the road (more or less).

The Plan
We’ll pack up the house, rent it out and get on the roads in the US for a year or until we change our mind:
– it’s grows old or uncomfortable (crotchitiness sets in),
– it gets too cold (this is my actual fear),
–  or we decide to switch to international travel (this is my hope!)

The Goals
– To see the National Parks
– To see many National Monuments
– To do something in memorable in each of the states (If could be simply a memorable meal)
– To see family lots
– To see LOTS of caves and caverns (Jean)
– To enjoy several motorcycle events both on and off-road (Greg) – Adventure off-road as much as fun can (trails, dirt roads, etc.)
– See several Museums and Aquariums
– Ride the iconic Route 66 from end to end (preferably from Chicago to LA).

Other Priorities while on the road
– Market my real estate course Getting To Escrow
– Meet and interview travelers for the podcast

The Vehicles

The new ride ready for new adventures
The new ride ready for new adventures

I did not want to be limited to only paved roads so I sold Sheherazade (’05 BMW K1200LT) and picked up a ’17 BMW R1200GS from RawHyde Adventures.
Next will be to pick up an RV for Jean, Nalu (puppy), and Buckingham (cat).

Scheherazade - My Desert Queen
Scheherazade – My Desert Queen

Obviously the year is not planned out in it’s entirety right now, but we are having a lot fun looking at all the options. Honestly, I’m not sure that a year will be enough.

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