Riding Gear

While this seems SO much more important while I am in cold weather (at the current moment it’s 6F outside), I put gear together with two principles.

  1. Best crash protection, and
  2. Most versatile for all weather conditions.

I know that according to the findings in the Hurt Report that overall safety was on my side, but knowing that I typically ride quite a bit while on a trip I prefer to err on the side of caution. After all, I’m not so worried about my life. I’m worried about what could happen if I survive!

So here’s the list of riding gear I’ve been using on this trip. Most of it was acquired before beginning this particular trip. I will add reviews of the individual pieces as I write them. Each piece has become a favorite for many reasons


MotoPort AirMesh ULTRA II Pants
MotoPort AirMesh Marathon Jacket


BMW GS Rallye Gloves – moderate-warm
BMW Silk Glove Liners – cool to cold
Klim Liner 3.0 – Cooler to cold days
FirstGear Men’s Master Glove Rain Gauntlets – Rain and cold days


Schuberth C4 Helmet with – SC1-Advanced Comm System – On-road use
Arai XD-4 Helmet with Sena SMH-5 Comm System – Off-road use


E.A.R. – Custom fit – Acoustic Filter earplugs


Sidi Adventure Boots (Gore Tex) – Off-road and rain use
Belleville leather and Gore-Tex Boots from my days in the USMC – On-road use
SmartWool Socks – doesn’t matter the conditions… these things rock!


– under the MotoPort Airmesh Ultra II Pants:
Hot days – Board shorts
Mild/Warm/Cool days – Jeans
Cold days – Red Head flannel or fleece lined jeans
Colder days or during rain – MotoPort rain liners
Very Cold Days – Add long-john style underwear


– under the MotoPort Airmesh Marathon Jacket:
Hot Dry Days – Wicking shirt and BMW Cooling Vest
Hot Humid Days – T-shirt and BMW Cooling Vest
Warm days – Wicking shirt or t-shirt
Mild/Warm/Cool days – Long-sleeve t-shirt kept in side bag
Cold days – MotoPort rain liner
Colder days or during rain – MotoPort Thermoloft insulation liner
Very Cold Days – Add long-john style undershirt


I have a few thin to thick socks that I use depending on the temperature along with a helmet ‘sock'(?).
Neck Cooling Tie on hot days.
1 thin on cool days
2 thin on cooler days
1 thick and 1 thin on cold days
Helmet sock on really hot and cold days (catches sweat or keeps warm)